Heatmap Data

Our platform collects cycling data from different applications and makes the collected data available as open data. Our first available open dataset is the data behind the heatmap. 🗺

Link to the heatmap: https://data.bikedataproject.org/map/

The dataset available on https://data.bikedataproject.org/heatmap/ contains the following data:

  • Vector tiles covering the whole world (info about tiles)

  • Each tile contains a number of dots

  • Each dot contains the amount of cyclists that passed by

The data is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Some more useful information:

  • The heatmap contains data collected from 2015 until now. It's on our roadmap to also add timestamps to the heatmap & open data.

  • The actual heatmap is real-time updated. The data behind the heatmap will be updated on a daily basis.

  • As we want to protect the privacy of individual cyclists, tracks only appear on the heatmap if at least 3 different cyclists have cycled on a specific road segment.

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