Bicycle Counts Data

Our platform collects cycling data from different applications and makes the collected data available as open data. One of the datasets we publish is bicycle counts for the road network. 🗺

Bicycle Counts Data

The Bike Data Project collects bicycle trips. We match these trips to the road network by trying to figure out what infrastructure each cyclist used:

Doing this for all cycling tracks in a area gives us a few different sets of data:

  • The # of cyclists per link on the network in both forward an backward directions.

  • The routes cyclists prefer to take on the network.

  • Where cyclists come from and where they go to in a certain area.

This is what the network looks like after doing this for Brussels:

We also calculate, per edge of the network, what other edges were used in trips passing by the segment. This gives us a view on how cyclists use each part of the road network and where they are coming from (in blue) and going to (in red):


for now we only do this for Brussels, we are working on a global dataset

We publish a few datasets:

  • The road network with the bicycle counts on it: download

  • Only the part of the network with bicycle traffic: download

  • The Origin Destination trees per edge in the network: here

These datasets are pretty complex, if you need help get in touch or join our slack channel for advice.

The data is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Some more useful information:

  • The data contains data collected from 2015 until now.

  • The data is updated every 15 mins.

  • We only publish counts where there is data on more than 3 individual contributors.

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