Help us spread the word

It's amazing that you want to help us promote the Bike Data Project within the cycling communities in your city. Here's how to get started!

With the data collected by citizens, the Bike Data Project wants to show where and when people ride their 🚲. The more data we can provide, the greater impact we shall have. To make this work, we want to ask you to spread the word and get more cyclists in your city involved.

What you can do to promote the Bike Data Project in your city:

  1. Identify all existing cycling initiatives and communities in your city.

  2. Find out what communication channels they use.

  3. Ask the group admin if you can post about the Bike Data Project or if the group admin can help you do so.

  4. Spread the word and make a post about the Bike Data Project and encourage fellow citizens to go to & start contributing. Please tag the Bike Data Project on Twitter (@bikedataproject) & Facebook (@BikeDataProject) so that we can help you give it a little push.

  5. Open the conversation! Organise a community event to discuss and learn about open cycling data (with this Data Dive event in Brussels as an example).

What we've used to promote the Bike Data Project so far - please feel free to copy & redistribute the material in any medium or format:

Visual for Twitter (1.012px × 506px):

Visual for Facebook (1.200px × 630px):

Explainer video (in mp4 format):

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