Bike Data Project
Meeting 21/10
Notes from a heads-up meeting on 21/10
Present: Ben, Manon & Dries
    Heatmap is finished and will move to
      Heatmap with all rides
      Heatmap will all cyclists
    Statistics tiles for the whole world are finished - needs to be checked one last time
    Put statistics tiles in production
    Update data map page and make it more user-friendly
      Heatmap and overview map should go full-screen to
      Idea: image on data page + link to full screen data map
    Next step: graph with contributions per day/month/year or per region
    [funding needed] User accounts: in order to give personal feedback + keep cyclists involved
    Towards the future: adding timeline to the heatmap
    Set up new servers for the BDP
    Funding for 2021: partnering up with cycling NGOs and cities that want to improve their cycling infrastructure
    Document data model on wiki / github
    Add new button on homepage for GPX files
Presentation cycling commission
    Add slide with use case of the open data
      To improve infrastructure
      To make cyclists visible with open data
      Include cyclists in study / project
-> Communicate about the project and data dive Data Dive event planning 13/10
    Data to be published
      Counter idea: generate a data set with # cyclists per road segment
      Origin destination matrix
      Statistics & heatmap
      Matchmaking cyclists paths <-> roads
      Statistics about usage of different types of roads.
      Statistics about per time of day.
    High-potential datasets
      Average waiting time at the traffic lights
      Weather data and usage.
      Statistics about usage per type of weather?
    What datasets are the most interesting
    What are other interesting open data sources
      Crowdsource other open datasets on our awesome wiki!
    Provide the data in one large zip file
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